Need more space? Thought about a pop top roof?

Adding a pop top to your van not only makes it more spacious and sleep more people in there, but it massively increases the value of your van! We have found that the money you spend on the pop top, you would always get back from the value it adds to the vehicle.

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Here at JC Vans, we offer 3 different brands of pop top roofs. All are safe, crash tested and each have their own different qualities and also prices.

Storm roofs are our most popular choice of roof. These can come in SWB & LWB with a choice of canvas colours. Also the option to have a scenic canvas to really open the van up and admire the view.

SCA are also now getting popular with us. These are a well known brand in the industry and come in various heights and canvas options. However, these are "off the shelf" roofs and you cannot customise the colour of the canvas. They do however have SWB, LWB & High opening roofs. They also come in various models with different types of closing mechanisms and easy fit options.

Reimo are our final option of roof that we offer, everyone will have heard of this brand as they are probably the longest standing brand name that is still making parts for VW campers. They are on par with SCA and also have various models and canvas options. But again, these are off of the shelf and can't customise the colour of the canvas.



Storm Standard Roof: £3150.00

SCA Roof: £5365.00*

Reimo Roof: £5055.00*


Storm Roof: £3650.00

SCA Roof: £5549.00*

Reimo Roof: £5320.00*

Popular Extra's

Scenic Canvas: £200.00**

Roof Bed: £375.00

Bi-Fold Roof Bed: £450.00

Cover Panel: £120.00

Mattress: £100.00

Storm Roof Painting: £550.00***

SCA & Reimo Painting: £650.00***

* All SCA & Reimo Roofs come with roof beds and mattress.

** Scenic upgrade is only for Storm roofs,

SCA & Reimo have this option but we have to order a specific roof. Please contact us for this.

*** Storm Roofs come in solid white or black, all other colours will need to be painted to match the van.

SCA & Reimo come in white only.

2 Berth to a 4 Berth Camper