Let some light into your van

You will be amazed at how some windows in your van transform the look from a panel van into the start of a camper or kombi. By fitting windows, it takes away the commercial look of the van.


It's a hard decision on what to go for when you are just starting out with your van. Fitting windows is one of the best things to do when you get your van. If your budget allows then we recommend carpet lining the van at the same time. This way we can hide the cuts on the window with the carpet rather than using the black window rubber. In our opinion, this gives a much cleaner and nicer finish.

Most people tend to go for a fixed sliding door window (a solid glass that doesn't open), opposite behind the drivers seat an opening window (where the hob tends to go) and then the rear barn doors/tailgate.

This is ideal for a camper. If you are going full width bed or Kombi then perhaps have 2 opening windows (one each side).

Other than that, its usually windows all the way around. If you are planning on building a traditional camper with the tall rear unit then we would usually fit a false window to this rear quarter and a normal window the other side.

If you are using it as a day van or fitting a full width bed then you could always opt for windows all the way around to admire the views from inside your van.

All of our windows are factory tinted in privacy tint, this does make it slightly darker inside the van but not by much! It still lets a lot of light in but for security and privacy, limits the view into the van (unless the lights are on inside).


Sliding Door & Behind Driver Seat Windows

Fixed Window: £192.50

Opening Window: £302.50

Rear Quarter Windows

SWB Fixed Window: £203.50

LWB Fixed Window: £203.50

Rear Door Window/s

Barn Door Window: £297.00

Tailgate Window: £297.00

Popular Extra's

SWB Carpet Lining: £500.00

LWB Carpet Lining: £600.00

Roof Carpet Lined: £100.00

SWB Insulation: £120.00

LWB Insulation: £130.00

SWB Floor: £555.00

LWB Floor: £615.00

(includes new 12mm ply floor, deep side step, rear threshold and a choice of altro safety flooring)

What windows should I have?