Give your van a nice warm feel!

Carpet lining your van is usually one of the first things to be done when you want to convert your van. This can be done to either a potential camper or even just a Kombi. It covers all of the cold metal work and makes the inside of your van much more pleasing to look at.

Rib on rails.jpg

We tried many different ways to carpet a van when we first started JC Vans. Trial and error on our own vans to start with until we were happy that where we put the joins are not noticeable. All of our joins (not that there are many) are in very discreet places.

This may use a little more material, but it does look much better.

We carpet line all of the exposed metalwork first, and then carpet the panels separately, this way you can always remove them to run wires etc afterwards.

We use fur-tree type fixings that fit very well with the shade of carpet that we use.

If you are planning on having insulation or windows fitted, it is hand to do this at the same time. We can get a better finish around the window carpeting it with the hole for the window cut out and insulating it now saves taking the panels back off.



Carpet Lining: £600.00

Carpet Roof Lining: £100.00

Insulation: £120.00


Carpet Lining: £600.00

Carpet Roof Lining: £100.00

Insulation: £130.00

Popular Extra's

Opening Window: £302.50

Fixed Window: £192.50

LWB Fixed Rear Quarter £203.50

Rear Door/Tailgate: £297.00

We have mastered where to put the joins!