Turn on some power to you van

Another key part to any conversion is getting some 12v and 240v electrics to your van. Getting this right is key, and there are a lot of people and companies that don't!


Electrics are really simple once you can get your head around it! Every positive needs a negative,,,,,, that's the simple part! But then you have to think about the amps each appliance is going to draw from the battery, the length of wire etc and then you will know the correct thickness wire you need to use. Oh and the negative should also match the thickness of the positive wire!

So that's enough of our knowledge, the rest is a secret ;) however, we do know what we are talking about when it comes to wiring. You would not believe the things we see from so called "conversion companies". We tend to rip them all out and start again.

We make sure that everything is wired correctly, the right size wiring, fuses and all are used. Split chargers, we see wire no thicker than speaker wire used through a tiny little relay? This isn't going to be putting any juice into your battery when you're driving.

Another good one is people don't understand the new smart alternators and re-gen braking on modern vehicles where you have to use a smart charger (either Sterling Power, C-Tek or Victron Energy).

We have used all of the above and our choice out of these 3 are Victron Energy, it may not be the cheapest but we also use Victron Energy BlueTooth solar controllers and 240v Chargers so we think it is nice to have them all matching.

It is also pointless fitting all of this correctly if you're going to fit the cheapest leisure battery you can find. All of the products we use are tried and tested and the best that we can find. This also comes down to fridges, we fit Waeco CRX-50 fridges as our preferred choice. With the best split charger running to keep the Varta leisure battery topped up, the 240v Victron charger for when you are onsite and the CRX-50 fridge that cuts out when down to temperature, your battery should last ages!

If you put a cheap battery in, followed by thin split charge wires and a tiny relay this straight away is going to ruin your holiday! Turn the fridge on and the compressor just runs 24/7...... well probably 4-6hrs max, that will be the battery dead.

We also can fit solar panels to keep the battery topped up. Again, we only use quality panels for our work. These can keep your battery topped up with the fridge running for days on end. Good for wild camping!

Our stock campers come pre-wired to take a solar panel and also a diesel heater. So if you would like to add either then it doesn't take us too long to fit.


Sliding Door & Behind Driver Seat Windows

Fixed Window: £192.50

Opening Window: £302.50

Rear Quarter Windows

SWB Fixed Window: £203.50

LWB Fixed Window: £203.50

Rear Door Window/s

Barn Door Window: £297.00

Tailgate Window: £297.00

Popular Extra's

SWB Carpet Lining: £500.00

LWB Carpet Lining: £600.00

Roof Carpet Lined: £100.00

SWB Insulation: £120.00

LWB Insulation: £130.00

SWB Floor: £555.00

LWB Floor: £615.00

(includes new 12mm ply floor, deep side step, rear threshold and a choice of altro safety flooring)

What do I fit and what don't I?