As of 25th March 2020 we are regrettably shut the workshop and our staff are safely at home.

Please DO NOT think that this means we are closed, far from it! We are still very much open for business.

With the Pandemic the country is going through, we feel that it is only right not to carry on as usual and follow government guidance.
My number one priority is keeping my staff safe and healthy, along with continuing to carry on working for as long as the Government will allow us.

All of our current builds have been put on hold for the time being, we have contacted all of our customers and they are fully backing our decision.

Government guidance is to stand 2m away from other people, this would not stop our office area from being contaminated and we would constantly need to be cleaning it with the amount of traffic that comes through the door on a daily basis.

For new customers, fear not! We have booked many conversions in the past remotely. We are fully set up for this and have all of our furniture finishes, flooring and layouts in digital format. We are more than happy to do this via email, telephone or even video calls. 

Please do understand that we are carrying on as normal (for now), still taking on work, performing remaps and all other aspects of our business. We are just cutting out the direct contact with customers.

I for one, love face to face customer dealing but unfortunately this virus is going to become a lot worse yet before it gets better and whilst my loyal staff are happy to continue to work, their health and wellbeing is my number one priority.

Finally, I have a fully setup office at home with a phone linked directly to our phone system in the office. You can call the normal phone number with any enquiries that you may have. If I am away from my desk then please leave a voicemail and I will contact you back when I can.

If we all work together then we can get though this and beat this virus. Stay safe everyone!

Lee - Managing Director

Tel: 01305 772351

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