We are open and fully operating. However, with some slight changes..... please see below:

If at all possible, please avoid turning up unannounced. It is easier for all if you ring in advance and book an appointment.

  • Upon arrival, please use the hand sanitiser that is outside the door before opening the door.

  • Please wear a face mask (we will be) unless you are medically exempt. If you need one then please do ask.

  • Only have a maximum of 4 people from the same family inside the building at one time. This allows your family and 2 members of our staff.

  • Maintain a minimum of 1mtr distance at all times.

  • If you arrive and we already have someone in reception then please wait outside, if we have someone spare we will ask them to come and meet you outside.

  • When leaving the premises feel free to use the sanitiser again if you wish.

Although it is business as usual at JC Vans, please not that due to the current demand, we are inundated with phone calls and emails, we are trying our best to keep on top of this but if you do get slipped though the net then please do contact us again to give us a nudge ;)

Also, because of the demand in camper conversions, some items are taking longer than usual to come though, we will advise you of this the best we can and keep you updated.

We appreciate your pateince during these bizarre and scary times.

If we all work together then we can get though this and beat this virus. Stay safe everyone!

Lee - Managing Director