Here is a short story on how JC Vans began and where the name came from (as everyone seems to ask)

JC Vans was founded by the company Director Lee Porter. He had a passion for VW's, especially the Transporter van. He owned a VW T5 for 4 years before starting JC Vans, he used this to go camping in and also his daily vehicle. It was never fully converted until the start of JC Vans...... oh and he never even got to use it!

Lee was working abroad on a gold mine in the middle of the Sahara Desert as a firefighter (sounds crazy but true). When he completed his contract he decided that he was going to work back home in the U.K and convert his own VW vans into luxury campers. His van was going to be the trial. He rented a small workshop on Portland just big enough to get 1 van in to work on and have an area to build furniture etc. It never aimed to be what it is today. His vision was to convert 1 van, sell it and then repeat the process. That didn't happen for long, the first van sold before it was even finished, he then purchased a second van by which time people had heard of this new kid on the block and turning up asking for windows to be fitted, carpet lining, electrical work etc..... JC Vans was born!

He struggled to complete the second van as he was so busy working on other peoples vans instead. When the second van was finally completed he decided that he would not purchase another van but instead invest the money into a CNC router as he had the knowledge of CNC from his engineering days. This would cut the time down on hand making furniture and give him the precise finish he so desperately wanted in the vans.

Most of his emails and replying to customers were done walking Django (his Siberian Husky) round the cliff tops near his workshop on Portland. Back then we never had 3G on this little island, but on the cliffs you could pick it up from the mainland (Weymouth). This was when we realised we needed broadband and a phone line. No thought had been given to a company name and he was put on the spot for one. Randomly he said "Jurassic coast custom vans". It had a ring to it but it was too long so we lost the custom and abbreviated the name to JC Vans. So...... thats where the name comes from, nothing personal to Lee i.e his name, his kids names..... nothing like that, just the big floating rock on which JC Vans was born!

Within a year he had outgrown his little 550 sq ft unit and moved directly opposite to a double 1100 sq ft unit. This was much better, it meant we could get 2-3 vans in at once, had a separate part for the CNC machine and a nice reception area. Within 8 months we had vans stacked up outside, stone dust all over them and found ourselves constantly going to Weymouth for materials. The decision was made to move and move BIG! JC Vans then moved over to the mainland where it is today, a whopping 5500 sq ft workshop! Bigger than we ever needed (we filled it pretty quick!). This has a separate area for all the furniture making, we can fit 9 vans in, upholstery section, loads of storage, it has a secure compound, nice big reception office with customer toilets, staff room, separate office space. This workshop is perfect for us and we do not envisage moving from here :)

So that is our story about how it all began, for more information on JC Vas please check out about us.