We like to put a name to a face

You can find out a bit of info below about the team at JC Vans.

We all have a passion and strong drive for the Volkswagen brand, we are also looking for new members that share the same passion as us so why not drop us a line and say hi.


Lee Porter

Managing Director & Founder of JC Vans

Lee started JC Vans by accident really, he always had a passion for VW's and had owned his T5 for 4 years before converting it. Before JC Vans was formed, he worked away, in the middle of the Sahara Desert on a Gold Mine as a firefighter..... random i know!


Once he completed his contract he decided to stay in the UK and convert his van. He rented a small lock up on the isle of Portland just big enough for one van (his own van). It wasn't before long that word started getting around that there was a new person on the block converting vans. People started coming to Lee for odd jobs like windows, carpet lining etc. As the jobs got bigger and going into conversions and pop tops, he thought its about time we put some signs uo! JC Vans was born in 2014. He has expanded from a little unit on Portland, moved 3 times to bigger and better workshops and is now situated on the Granby Industrial Estate in Weymouth. Unfortunatley he no longer has a van as he says "i dont have time to use it" but still has a love for VW's.


Scott McIvor-Main

Van Converter

Scott started at JC Vans Ltd after the big move to the Granby Industrial Estate. He has been a brilliant asset to the company. Coming from a retail background, Scott didn't really have much experience in this sector but we could see the potential. He is very particular when it comes to finishing and his attention to detail is second to non. Scott now oversees all parts of the conversion, from taking the lead on fitting the pop top roofs to running all the wiring and fitting the units and beds etc.


When Scott started at JC Vans, he was already a VW and car fanatic. He had a rat look VW polo that couldn't get over a grain of salt in the road it was that low. He has now seen the light and rides in comfort in his red Mk5 Golf GTI (or rolls in comfort on his BMX).


Due to our recent expansion and Scott's hard work and showing how keen he is, he has recently been promoted to Workshop Manager to free Lee up to concerntrate on other aspects of the business.


Tim Collins

Director & CNC Operator

Tim or Timmy as we like to call him has been with us since November 2019. Tim (the London geezer) swapped his life in the big smoke to move down here by the sea and says that he's been down here for nearly 3 years and every day still feels like a holiday!

Late 2020 Tim & Lee had a chat down the pub one evening and from then were 50/50 business partners.

Tim's background in kitchen fitting means he was perfect for filling the role of running our CNC and building the furniture. Since Tim starting we have moved to edge banding our furniture and he has mastered this.

In his spare time he enjoys a nice pint of IPA and also has his own VW camper that was converted by us.


Georgia Rowe

Office Administrator

Georgia is the most recent person to join our team. She is the first person that you will see or speak to when you visit us or call.

Her main role is to be the first point of contact for all of our customers, deal with bookings, meetings, giving quotes and dealing with conversions. 

She does an amazing job, super organised with LOADS of systems in place to make sure every enquiry is dealt with. Her lovely personality means that she's always a bundle of joy to meet. 

Originally from Manchester, she moved down South after going travelling for 2-1/2 years around Australia.

Pop in and see her and she will always welcome you with a smile (behind the COVID mask though).


Olly Pounds

Van Converter

Olly is our newest member of staff here at JC Vans, he started with us January 2021 and has fitted in perfectly.

He had done a fair bit of conversion work on family vehicles and it was always his passion to work on campers full time. He has picked it all up really well and is now a strong part of the workshop and speeding up conversions.

In his spare time he likes tinkering with his car (An Audi A5) and for some strange reason he also likes to highlight his hair using bleach?

We have to wait until the COVID lockdown is over so he can get his hair cut before we put a photo up of him.

IMG_2382 2.jpg


H.R Manager

Django is our one of our resident 4 legged workers. We have listed him as our H.R manager. If any of the guys have any issues then they arrange a meeting with Django. 

He is Lee's 5 year old Siberian Husky, he has had him from and 8 week old pup.

If you do see him around, don't be scared of his wolf like looks, be more worried about the hair he will leave on you during shedding season!

He spends most of his working day sleeping outside as there isn't that much H.R work that needs to be done in such a fun environment.



Product Research

Lexi is our other resident 4 legged workers. We have listed her as our Product research. With her endless energy she can test any product to destruction to make sure the quality is good enough to go into our vans.

She is Lee's better half's 6 year old Springer Spaniel, She has had her from around an 8 week old pup.

She is full of beans and never seems to tire! She is usually in the workshop instead of outside with Django as she will relentlessly bring stones in for us to throw for her!

She will come up and say hello if she sees you but she's a very shy and timid dog until she gets to know you..... throw her a ball though and she will be your best friend!


Drop us a message below with your details and we will let you know of any vacancies we may have and will keep your details on file for when we do have a slot in our ever expanding team of VW gurus!

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