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Know where your vehicle is at all times

More and more vehicles are getting stolen every day. This is with or without the keys. Criminals are using key cloning devices meaning that they don't even have to have your keys to hand.

We have teamed up with Phantom Ltd to offer the full iTrack range. Starting from £249.00 inc VAT, this gives you peace of mind knowing that you can locate your vehicle at any time, it may also even lower your insurance.

All of the iTrack range offers 24hr monitoring, a UK and EU roaming SIM card and live tracking using the MyPhantom app.

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Subscription charge: £13.50 per month direct debit ---- £149.00 annually ---- £399.00 Lifetime (while you own the vehicle)


Industry approved GPS tracking, our system logs twice a day or when your vehicle is moved. You can access its location via or app or online portal this also offers battery monitoring and a milleage records. Has a shield feature which can be turned on if your vehicles parked and alerts you when your vehicle is moved.

Uk and European Roaming SIM

In order to ensure it can always talk to our control center, our tracking devices are equiped with a Roaming SIM card. This means that they can switch from one network to another if the signal is stronger, to ensure your vehicle stays secure.

Power Cut Alerts

If the tracker is disconnected from the vehicle battery, it will continue operating on it's own internal battery and alert our control center.

24hr Control Centre

With Phantom you will have the added protection of a 24 hour control centre that will be there to provide you with alerts and support around the clock in the event of any possible incidents.

Tow Alerts

Using motion sensors, our tracking device is able to detect when your vehicle is being towed. when this happens, it alerts us straight away so that we can then begin the process of determining if a theft is underway.

Low Power Alerts

To help you keep on top of your battery level, our tracker will send you text and mobile push notifications to let you know when the battery in your vehicle is getting low on power.


Our MyPhantom app and web portal give you access to important information about your vehicle at home and on the go. Keep an eye on the current location of your vehicle, as well as battery and mileage data.


Working in tandem with ADR, our iTrack Ultimate system stops the vehicle from being started if the driver does not have a driver identification tag, taking your vehicle security to the next level. For those times when you want to allow someone else to drive your vehicle, we provide the Valet Mode feature, where you can temporarily disable the Immobilisation via our MyPhantom app.

OBD Protection

Thieves can now steal your car using the car's OBD port and programming a new key using your car's ECU. OBD Protection is beneficial in preventing your vehicle from this method of theft. It can also stop remote key cloning if an attempt is made you will get alerted .

Alarm Interface/Motion Sensor

The Alarm Interface allows an iTrack tracking device to connect to your existing supported alarm system (IF YOU HAVE ONE). This allows the tracking device to notify our 24Hr Control Centre when the alarm is triggered, giving your vehicle that extra security it needs (or we fit a switch or motion sensor to your vehicle).

Driver Recognition

Automatic driver recognition (ADR) is a feature on our S5 and Ultimate tracking systems that identifies drivers. These driver tags should always be kept separate from your keys. If your vehicle is moved without a tag present, an alert will be triggered immediately.